Writing Annotated Bibliographies: Give Proper Credit to the Authors

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If you are working on an academic paper, you should not forget about an essential requirement to cite all the used sources and give credit to the authors you have referenced. It seems that skipping this part of the task is not a great problem, but actually it can have serious consequences the students should avoid. The verdict of the professors who check the paper without citing will be univocal – plagiarism.

Citing and writing annotated bibliographies is a task of utmost importance, which is rather time-consuming if done properly. Unfortunately, it is typical for the students to overlook the formatting issues and process the sources carelessly.

Definition of an Annotated Bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography? It is a required list of references and works to be cited for implementing a project or a research paper. The title needed for the last page of your paper will depend on the style of referencing: you can use either Reference List or Works Cited. Every citation or source on that list represents the details about the title of the source, its author, year of publication, along with other essential information regarding the original authors. Why is that needed? Other researchers and students may need further information and they will look for the sources you have used in your work.

Every annotated bibliography writer knows about the limitations and restrictions about the sources to be used. It is possible to cite academic journals, books, tweets, food labels, and other sources. It is important to double-check the requirements to the sources that should be used as the instructors may forbid using certain sources. Those requirements also contain the formatting standards to adhere to.

If you ask an expert, “Write my annotated bibliography essay for me!” it is necessary to specify the style and the format of the paper. APA and MLA styles require brief explanatory notes of the used sources included in the annotated bibliography as annotations. The instructor always specifies whether the required annotations should be analytical or descriptive. Mind that annotation should not be confused with an abstract.

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Annotated Bibliography Writing: How to Do That Right?

It may be complicated for some students to work on writing annotated bibliographies. Why is that so? Many students have poor knowledge of the valid sources and standards of formatting in terms of citations. They may know how to structure Works Cited pages, but they differ from annotated bibliography or bibliography writing. In fact, a bibliography is different from the works cited page as it is not a mere list of books and journals, but their summarization, evaluation, and analysis. Works cited page in its turn is a list of used references without any further details.

Which Citation Styles Can Be Used?

If you contact a reputable annotated bibliography writing service, they will inform you that annotations are typically written in APA and MLA formats, although sometimes it is possible to develop them in Chicago style.

Annotated Bibliography (MLA). One of the most popular styles for citations is MLA or modern language association style. There are no official guidelines in the MLA Handbook for the students which would regulate composing an annotated reference page. Nevertheless, when you ask professional writers, “Please, write my annotated bibliography!” they always use the following tips for the experts:

  • A bibliographic list should be adjusted alphabetically according to the name of the authors.
  • In case the names of the authors are unknown, the listing should be done according to the titles.
  • Titles of the books and journal articles should be italicized, while titles of the essays, chapters of the books, and short stories are put in quotation marks.
  • The intent of the first line is needed for every source.
  • Double spacing is preferred.

Annotated bibliography (APA). Writing annotated bibliographies can be also done according to the APA or American psychological association style of making citations. There are numerous official instructions about annotation requirements both in the printed sources and online. The writer is supposed to provide assessment and summarization of every source with the obligatory information for an annotation, such as the name of the author, date of editing, number of pages, and link to the web address. You have asked your teacher, “What is an annotated bibliography?” Now you have to ask about the standards of proper structuring, spacing, and other details of the paper.

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