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Since we are living in the era of rapid technological development, we have a possibility of accessing any online resource quickly.

Current technologies make it easier for entrepreneurs to attract potential consumers to their online businesses. Everyone, who desires to benefit from the present-day Intent technologies, i.e. to make their online business successful, will be pleased with this news.

Our bonus system that also belongs to the instruments for managing an online business was created to help people improve their financial position. Those who crave to work from home and generate superior profits will benefit greatly from our online scheme.

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What is a Referral Scheme?

An affiliate system is one of the types of online businesses. It is a wonderful chance to become a professional promoter, i.e. the one advertising the services provided by some online agencies and raising healthy profits in return.

Many people regard our exceptional bonus system as well as the alike as one of the best ways of earning money for college students and those of other educational levels. Without exaggeration, it is an effective means of gaining the desirable financial independence which so many people crave to obtain.

Nevertheless, why are referral systems considered so useful and profitable ways of earning money for college students? Well, everything is simple: such schemes unite the users engaged in the same activities what, at the same time, helps them generate sufficient income.

How to begin earning with us?


1.Submit your first order


2.Join our Affiliate Program


3.Get your individual link and promo code to share with your friends


4.Get bonuses (you receive 10% of the sum your referrals pay for every order)


5.Pay for your new order with bonuses earned this way

Is Joining a Referral Scheme Efficient?

In other words, you may ask, “Is it profitable to participate in affiliate programs?”

Certainly. A considerable number of web users earn their living by taking part in various affiliate programs.

Some people use Referral schemes as an additional source of income what is also a great experience for those who are focused on becoming online entrepreneurs. Regardless of your objective, you will definitely succeed by participating in different Referral programs.

It is worth admitting that affiliate marketing is a great way out for those craving to control their revenues. Working as a student affiliate, for example, you will get an opportunity to earn some cash sitting right in front of your PC and without making any additional investments.

Reviewing the numerous testimonials left by our clients, we see that we have been successful in providing hundreds of customers from all over the world with high-quality academic writing services. Our customers are our most precious asset. They are also the target audience for our affiliate program. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we have created our affiliate program. Our intent is to reward every customer who has chosen our company in this highly competitive academic writing market. Our purpose is to give our customers a feeling of being respected and valued for their commitment to our service. We want our customers to earn benefits from us. Therefore, you can join our affiliate program – order your papers from us, and you will also increase and expand your personal budget. We know that you have ambitions. We know that you have desires. We understand that you are struggling to become a well-educated person. However, even when you need our help, you can also improve your own financial status. Our affiliate program covers a whole set of benefits and options for devoted customers, and you can become one of them!

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Affiliate Program at Manyessays

What do we offer?

  • First, you receive a 10-percent bonus to your account every time your friends, relatives or fellow students – anyone who has received a recommendation from you – places an order with us.
  • Second, we provide a 17-percent discount to every first-time customer. As a result, everyone can use our academic services without going bankrupt!

How Does It Work?

  • Use your personal account with our service to find the words “Affiliate Program”.
  • You will receive a promotional code, which should be shared with anyone you believe could benefit from our service or be interested in receiving academic writing assistance.
  • Share the link with your friends. Let them know they have an opportunity to order papers online.
  • Once they place the first order with our service, our system will remember them, and they will be considered as our returning customers with every new order they place at
  • First-time customers can either follow the link you send them or use the promo code to get the first-time discount.
  • You will not have any issues getting your first-time discount with our company. The affiliate program works smoothly!

Advantages of Using our Affiliate Program

Our online writing service aims to improve the experiences and results of our customers. With this in mind, we have created an affiliate program, which will provide bonuses and benefits to you when anyone who receives your recommendation for us places an order. When you have enough bonuses on your account, you can use them to pay for your orders. Also, if the number of bonuses is still low, you can use them to cover a part of your order, paying the rest with money.

How to Place an Order with Our Service

When you need academic writing assistance, you can place an order, and we will do the rest!

  1. Provide the details of your paper. Please, begin with your contact details. Submit your phone number and email. Include the type of the order, a number of pages, deadline, subject and topic, formatting or referencing style, as well as the number of sources needed to complete your paper.
  2. Pay for your order. You will not have any difficulties or issues paying for your papers with us. We work only with trusted financial companies. You can use Visa, MasterCard, BlueSnap, or SafeCharge to pay for our work.
  3. Monitor the progress of your order. We will assign a writer who specializes in your field to work on your paper. Once the writer is assigned, you will be able to communicate with him or her, monitor how the paper is going, provide additional recommendations and share ideas.
  4. Improve your grades. Use the paper provided to improve your academic results. You will download the finished work before the deadline. Do not hesitate to use this time for the most pleasant things. Get together with your family or friends to celebrate the most important events in your life, while we are doing your academic job!

How and Where to Advertise the Chosen Services?

Choose the service which you desire to promote (you may become a student affiliate, as an option) and devise the strategy by following which you will be able to succeed. Here is the list of some online resources which you can use:

  • Social networks: Instagram, Twitter and other online resources are believed to be effective means of advertising any services. However, you need to mind that your content has to be appealing. Otherwise, you will not manage to interest users in the products you are promoting. Hence, set up your profiles in the chosen networks, craft a revealing and thrilling content, and commence promoting the selected services. This is the answer to the query “How to make money affiliate those engaged in the same kind of activity?”
  • Blog posts: Those writing affiliate programs know that blogs are one of the methods for promoting products. You should not forget it as well! Together with useful SEO instruments, you will be able to interest a huge number of people in your content and, as a result, in the services you are advertising. For example, the blog about physical exercises may interest users in the services focused on improving people’s health.
  • Email marketing: In order to attract more people to the advertised services, you should learn to create sales funnels. In this way, you will manage to offer completely customized content to each potential client what will result in increased sales.
  • Google adwords: Those writing affiliate programs also know that the adwords can be very helpful in increasing the level sales. By using the adwords, you will be able to create the advertisements specifically for a specific type of users. You will be required to pay for every made click even if it does not bring you any result.

To conclude, you are now fully aware of how to make money affiliate the users having the same interests and participating in the same activities. Thus, it is time to begin building a great career as an online affiliate.

Now you have more money in your hands. It is wonderful, when you can earn benefits and enjoy the advantages of our paper writing service at once. You can save your time and money when you place an order with our writing service. You can become richer when you join our affiliate program! You can become happier when you have talented writers working on your orders and supporting your academic activities! There is nothing better than having a reliable academic writing service by your side. It is time to win, and you can do it with our help. Our affiliate program will make the whole process even better and more pleasant for you!

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