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We would like to thank everyone who has taken time to read about the services we offer and for showing an interest in our company. Our greatest concern is keeping your personal data confidential and safe from being misused or lost so our administrators use every measure available to them to make this happen. If you would like to know about what information we collect and what purpose this information serves, please read the following article.    

To cooperate as effectively as possible with our clientele, it is imperative you tell us your name and let us have a telephone number and email address we can contact you on.

The data collected by our server includes the times our website is accessed as well as what browsers and operating systems visitors are using.

We use the information you provide to:

  • Fine-tune and customize the information offered on our website
  • Enhance the content of our website, and
  • Improve the layout and presentation of this content

We do not divulge, share or sell the data we collect and, indeed, this type of information does not allow your identity to be made public.

The Use of Cookies

Our website makes use of cookies for the following purposes:

  • To make navigation easier, and
  • To collect valuable statistics on, for example, visitor traffic and frequency of access

Personal Data – What Information Do We Collect?

To use our services effectively, it is necessary for us to know your name, email address and phone number, which we request during the registration process.

This data, however, is used only to contact you for any essential information needed to successfully complete your order. It is, therefore, vital the contact details you provide are correct so that we can seek the relevant clarifications and deliver exceptional service. Your details will only be available to our own personnel and will not be sold, distributed to or shared with any other parties.         

Secure Online Payment Processing

The payment systems used by our company are reliable, confidential and secure. Additionally, our Financial Department may ask you for proof of identity. All these methods serve to ensure your billing data is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.     

Your Entitlements and Rights

You may update, correct or remove any information contained in your profile page. Our representatives will implement any required changes upon request.