How long can it take to assign a writer?

We will do our best to find the appropriate writer in the shortest time possible. This process may take from a couple of minutes to a few hours. Sometimes, it can take more time depending on your writer’s availability, urgency, complexity, etc.

Are AI algorithms used for your academic content?

We are committed to producing original content authored by our team of experts, with no reliance on AI or ChatGPT systems.

How can I know that my order is taken by the writer?

These details are visible in your personal account. If the order has the status “Verification,” it means that your payment didn’t go through. To verify your order in our system, you will need to pay for it. The status “Processing” means that the writer is assigned. Finally, the status “Sent” means that your order was completed by your writer.

How can I find out if the writer is assigned?

Once the expert is assigned, their ID will appear in the line “Writer”.

How can I talk to my writer?

You are free to communicate with your writing assistant through our messaging system. If you have an urgent inquiry, you may get in touch with our support managers, who are working online 24/7 for your convenience.

When will I receive my order?

The order will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated initially. Please note that the countdown will start once the order is verified in the system. When selecting the urgency for your order, you should understand that it will be sent to you after the deadline expiration. So, if your assignment is due in 3 days, you can choose a 3-day urgency. Or you can give us 2 days if you want to review your paper before its submission.

How can I get my paper revised?

You are free to request a revision within 48 hours from the deadline expiration at no additional charges. To send a revision request, you will need to go to My Orders - Completed orders and find the ID of the order you would like to have amended. Then, you will need to select the Revision Request option and message your writer with clear comments explaining what should be fixed. Pay attention that if you want to get a free revision, your comments should not contradict your initial guidelines. If you find it difficult to log in, you will need to get in touch with our professional support representatives and ask them for assistance.

What if I don’t know what assignment type I need to choose?

In such a way, you should get in touch with our support managers asking for their assistance. They will study your instructions carefully to figure out what type of service fits your requirements best of all.

Can my personal details, such as my phone number, email, and password be changed after some time?

Yes, you can alter your contact information and other details in your Profile. It is important to be logged in to edit the necessary data. Do not forget to save all the changes made.

May I ask the specific writer to work on my paper? (I have received a good grade for a paper written by him/her)

Yes, sure. When filling in the order form, you will need to indicate this writer’s id. Please note that this service requires an additional 15% payment, which will go directly to your preferred writer to motivate them to take your order.

Can you help me with my exam?

Yes, an online test is one of many services we provide to our clients. When placing an order, you will need to choose the “Online Exam” assignment type. To help us pass your test successfully, you will need to upload all relevant files, readings, lectures, and additional materials that should be studied by your writer. Besides, you will need to indicate the time, duration, and time zone when the test should be completed. Finally, make sure to provide us with valid login details so that we could access your exam.

What are your main responsibilities?

Once you place an order at our writing service, you can be certain that we will start working on it. Our support managers are working round-the-clock to provide our customers with immediate assistance anytime they may need it. Besides, we guarantee that we never miss customers’ deadlines delivering all papers in a timely fashion.

Can I receive a draft?

Yes, a 1-page draft can be added to your order. It will be available after 50% of the imposed deadline.

Note that this is a paid option.

Where will my paper be uploaded?

The well-written paper will be uploaded to your personal profile once your deadline expires. You will need to log in to your account My Orders – Completed Orders. Then, you will need to go to the Files section of the order you need to download and get your paper.

I cannot submit my order. The page does not refresh.

Check whether the attached files are of the right size. The form cannot be submitted due to the set size restrictions.

Additional files can be sent to us via email or Live Chat.

I have chosen an incorrect deadline/academic level/assignment/ word count. Can I introduce the needed changes?

It is impossible to change the information in the order form on one’s own after its submission. Nevertheless, we can do it instead of you.

The cost of your order will be recalculated according to the new instructions. To confirm the changes, you will need to pay the difference in price.

What if I need more pages to be written?

The number of pages can be increased by submitting an additional order. To use this option, log in to your account and access the “My orders” section.

You may also turn to our support agents for assistance.

The system keeps loading even when I click Proceed. What should I do?

Most likely, you are trying to attach big files to the system or your files have an inappropriate format. In this case, you will need to submit the order form without files. Once your order is verified, you will just need to send your files to our support team and they will forward them to the writer working on your task.

I have some problems with paying for my order. What can I do?

We do not work with payments directly. In case of having any payment issues, you will need to use another credit card/device/payment system/bank/etc. For more information, you can always get in touch with our support managers.

What is the payment procedure?

Payments are made through secure international payment systems.  Payments are made via as well as Safecharge.

Should I provide you with my valid phone number?

No, you are not obliged to do it. Nevertheless, you should understand that your phone number will significantly improve our communication as it will enable us to reach you as soon as possible in case any clarifications are needed.

Do you maintain my credit card and personal information?

We do NOT retain your credit or debit card information.  The information is securely transmitted directly to the banking network for acceptance and authorization.  Your personal information is securely housed on our site because you are registered with us.  We do not share any personal information about our clients with any third party, and this policy includes emails, telephone numbers, and any other information you provide us with.

How do I receive confirmation of my payment?

When your payment is processed, we will send you an automatic confirmation that your payment has been approved.  You also have the option to check on a secure link that will be provided to you as a registered client.

How can I be sure that my paper is free from plagiarism?

According to our policies, we provide our customers with original papers. Each order written by our experts goes through a thorough check before it is uploaded to your personal account.

How do I know that my paper was edited?

To make sure that your order is edited, you will need to purchase our VIP service, which is called “Get the order proofread by an editor.” By ordering this service, you can be certain that one of our quality assurance managers will double-check if your paper is free from any flaws.

How do I contact

We have a Customer Support Team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions, issues, or concerns you may have.  The most efficient method of contact is by submission of a support ticket.  You will receive a response as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

Is there a contact telephone number for you?

Our online customer support center is the best method of direct communication with us. You can find our phone number on the main page. In addition, you can send your inquiry ticket, use the email and the live option for communication. We also allow our customers to communicate with writers or administration through our inside message system.

From where do all of the database essays come?

All papers in the essay database have been submitted to us by students. We appreciate that so many outstanding students have submitted their essays and papers, and, of course, we welcome all new submissions. However, we also offer custom written papers. Customers can order brand-new papers from us at affordable prices.

Why do I find errors in some of the papers from the essays database?

If you occasionally find some errors, perhaps in grammar and sentence structure, please remember that these essays and papers are written by students. A great amount of grammar mistakes in essays submitted is corrected daily by our qualified writing team.

May I submit my own essays and papers?

Absolutely! The process is quite simple. First, sign up for an account with a username and password. Then, follow the link to the submit page and paste your work into the form provided.

We do not want anyone other except the actual author to modify any submitted work.  Registration restricts revisions to that author only.  

If I am unable to locate a bibliography for an essay or paper, will one be provided upon request?

Not all submitted works include bibliographies. If there is no bibliography attached to a piece, the author did not submit one, unfortunately, we are unable to provide it.

I would like to cite an essay from the site, but no author name is provided. How do I locate the name of the author?

Some of our authors wish to remain anonymous, and that is their choice. Therefore, you should use our papers for study purposes.

What is the most convenient way to download the finished assignment?

As our registered user, it is easy to download the completed paper from your personal account. Go to the section “Orders” and select the tab “Files”. We also always make sure that you receive instant notification of the finished project. Thus, we send a link to your order to your email. 

I am a foreign student. Can I use your service?

Absolutely.  All of our services are available to global customers, without exception.

I have read through the finished paper not at once. Several days had passed before I fully evaluated the work of my private writer. I found certain inconsistencies with the initial instructions. Can I post a late revision request?

Typically, you will have to choose Revision as a new order type. However, if you discovered significant flaws in your paper, please contact our Support team. It is possible to place a late order request if there are some evident mistakes in the resultant work. 

Can my personal details, such as my phone number, email, and password be changed after some time?

Yes, you can alter your contact information and other details in your Profile. It is important to be logged in to edit the necessary data. Do not forget to save all the changes made.

Will you upload a completed work in advance if my hired professional copes with the task before the deadline?

To avoid confusion, we prefer working according to the previously established deadlines. Moreover, the chosen urgency affects the price of your order. So, if you want to receive your document faster, you will have to pay for the difference. Thus, you have to remember that hot orders always cost more. According to our policy, we are not allowed to force our writers and editors to complete their assignments faster without the additional payment.

I need an advanced writing level for my next paper. How much does it cost to cooperate with my preferred Writer?

Although every piece produced by our experts is of a decent level, supreme writing level may not be suitable for high school students. Yet, if your academic level reflects the complexity of a Bachelor’s degree and higher scholarly levels, then your demand may be related to advanced writing. More sophisticated assignments have higher prices. They are written by our first-class writers, who are competent in the desired sphere. We will also attach a free plagiarism report to your higher-complexity order. Cooperation with the Preferred Writer costs 15% more than the regular expert’s work.

When will I be able to assess the final version of my assignment?

You are responsible for choosing deadlines. So, when you choose your urgency, we will stick to it to complete the paper right on time. If you need to check your deadline, please follow these steps: go to “My orders”, then click on “Processing Orders”, find your order ID in the section “Delivery”. You will see the exact time denoted for your project’s delivery.

Is it possible for the writer to miss my deadline?

Our experts strictly stick to the designated deadlines. In case of late orders, we guarantee to refund the price for your paper. Make sure to choose the most suitable deadline, which should be shorter than your assignment delivery time in your educational institution.

I want to improve my academic rate. Can you assist me with this?

We always do everything possible to complete each assignment at the highest level. Still, it is not possible to give a guarantee of an A. What we can tell you for sure is that we do in-depth research, check the paper for originality, and edit the text flawlessly.

I will have an online test in a few days. Do you give help with such tasks?

Yes, we help with online tests and exams. Check on the range of services and choose the option “Online Test/Exam” filling in the details of the order. For sure, we will need all related materials and files along with the details about the exam. It is important to do that as the expert will need to get ready for taking it. Besides, you will have to set the right deadline, indicate the test duration, and specify your time zone. You give all the specifications and instructions to the order and log in when it is time to check on the results of the online test.

Can I ask the writer to give me the paper a bit earlier? If he manages to finalize the paper earlier, can I get it in advance?

You know that the price you pay depends on several factors, one of which is urgency. So, by changing the deadline, you have to compensate for the time you do not let the writer use for research. Confusion can be avoided if you set the right deadline from the very beginning. Orders with little time for completion cost more. Hence, we have a policy of extra payments given to the writers and editors if they have to do the task earlier.

You promise to give a certain period of free revision. If the first revision fails, can I ask for some more for free?

A free revision period can cover as many revisions as you need to make the paper perfect.

I believe my assignment is complex. Do you guarantee that your writers will cope with it?

We have organized a multi-level team of writers. Some of them work at the level of high school, others take college and university papers. The top writers handle Ph.D. orders. If you doubt that someone can handle your assignment, you may send us a set of requirements in advance, and we will ask suitable experts if they can tackle your task.

You sent me a notification about a refund. Will it take me long to get my money back?

Refunds are typically processed within 3 to 5 business days depending on the schedule of your bank.

I do not have a book for the task. Can my writer buy it?

If the materials are not available online for free, we ask the customers to provide them for our writers.

I made a mistake, setting the deadline. Can I change it now?

The deadline change is possible with compensation for a difference in the time allowed. Contact us to figure out the amount of compensation and we will find a solution together.

Is the price stable? I would like to negotiate it.

We have fixed pricing on the website, but our support agents can discuss the details of your project with you individually via live chat. Besides, our discount program gives excellent offers for our clients. Placing your order now, you will definitely get a discount for your first order with us.

Is the process of registration mandatory?

After you sign up, you get access to all offers we give to the customers. Only after registration, you can post your messages, give feedback, and send comments to the writer assigned to your paper. It is not possible to place orders and download the ready papers if you are not a registered client of our company. Finally, only registered users can make use of revision options.

How can I know that you will deliver a high-quality paper?

Providing our customers with the best-written papers is one of our key priorities. You may reasonably wonder how we can guarantee the brilliant quality of writing. To surpass the expectations of our customers, we have employed many talented, experienced, and creative academic writers. In particular, we have hired many former and current educators, who know how to create papers corresponding with the highest standards of quality. Also, having advanced writing experience, they know how to create papers that can impress the most demanding tutors. In other words, our writers are capable of creating high-quality papers.

What are the basic functions of your service?

Our efficient functioning greatly depends on the steps accomplished by our clients. To be able to place your orders on our platform, you need to be our registered customer. You need to study the list of services we provide and choose the one you want to order. Then, you need to fill in a simple and straightforward form with the task-related details. These details include the topic, academic level, length, deadline, etc. In addition to providing us with clear and coherent instructions, you need to attach the files and readings related to your assignment. After you have completed the form and paid for your order, we will start looking for an appropriate writer, who will follow your criteria precisely. Pay attention that you are free to communicate with the writer directly in the system to monitor the main stages of the writing process. Once the paper is ready, a competent editor will look it through to make sure there are no grammar and stylistic flaws. When the deadline is over, one of our support managers will make the paper visible in your account. In case you want us to make some amendments in the write-up received, you may ask for a free revision within 48 hours after the paper`s delivery.

What are the page standards at your service?

At, we create our papers in accordance with the following standards:

  • We write 300 words per one double-spaced page;
  • The page will have 1-inch margins from all sides;
  • The writer will use Times New Roman, 12 pt.;
  • By ordering a single-spaced page, you will receive 600 words per page.

4. Do you provide any discounts?

We offer great discounts to both our returning and new customers. To find out if any discount is available to you, you need to visit our Discount Policy page. Our customer support agents will be glad to provide you with more information about our discount policies.