Why us

ManyEssays.com was opened in 1997, by a New York University student, interested in providing a clearinghouse of papers, essays, exam answers, and other academic writing, so that students could study what others had done in the preparation of their own academic writing assignments in a variety of content fields. The university which he attended was not happy about this idea as they feared students would simply plagiarize works from the site. In those days, there was no easy way to detect plagiarism. In order to conform to the university’s demands, the student took down the site, replacing it with one of a different name and purpose. The site became simply a search engine that students could use to find resources for papers on which they were currently working. This new site was not particularly popular, and, ultimately, the student allowed the domain to expire.

Why Us
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We revived the site, registering it under its original name (ManyEssays.com), and relaunched it for its original purpose. Users then could submit their works and account information, and all of this was manually uploaded by the owner. Obviously, over time, this became a massive undertaking, and, ultimately, the site was fully automated; it remains, however, completed, managed, and improved by its owner.

Currently, the site offers the following opportunities to users:
The ability to review the work of others:  This offers a student the opportunity to read and review what has been written by others on a given topic.  What a great learning experience, not to mention the ability to review the resources used by others in creating their academic works.  Students thus gain content knowledge as well as sources to review as they create their own works.
ManyEssays.com provides content-specific material for students who are engaged in a similar course and who simply want to read works other than standard textbooks.
Students can review fresh ideas and approaches in content fields and on topics for which they must produce written works.
ManyEssays.com has the works on virtually every topic and thus allows a student or teacher to review much of what has already been written about it.
We have thousands of works than any other site available.
ManyEssays.com does not charge a per-document fee.  Subscribers have unlimited access to each and every work on its site.
Subscribers receive free access to the entire library when they submit their own original works for inclusion.
All submitted works are reviewed for quality and rated by our users as well.  These ratings are published along with the work.
We protect ourselves and our users against plagiarism.  Each submitted work is scanned using the most sophisticated detection software available.
Members receive two critical guides, written by teachers: one on how to write great essays and papers and one on sound academic practices.
Why Us

We support and encourage academic integrity

We want students to use our site for the enhancement of their own learning. We encourage them to read and review works written by others, so that they may acquire the following skills:

  1. Solid writing skills.  One of the best ways to become a good writer is to read and study the good writing of others.  Thus, a student can access several well-written papers on a specific topic and use those works as models as they construct their own original works.  This becomes an important learning tool for any student.
  2. We want students to understand that current and relevant research materials are critical to the production of an academically-sound product.  By reviewing the resources used by others, students can then access those resources and understand why they were selected in the first place.  In this way, a student knows what types of resource materials are available and what to look for when doing future research.

ManyEssays.com is both supported and utilized by academic communities everywhere.

Teachers, instructors, and professors are urged to visit our site and to use it themselves are they are conducting their own research to improve their own teaching in specific content areas.  Often, they find fresh approaches and concepts to use in the classroom, by accessing the works of others.

As well, we commissioned specific academicians to create resource materials for students in both the construction of solid academic writing and in ethical academic practices.  Our goal is for students to understand the salient factors of good writing as well as to understand how their own academic integrity can be maintained as they produce academic works.  We have been praised by the academic community for producing and providing these guides to students.

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