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An interpretive essay is one of the academic assignments for the students. Its key aim is to do analysis of some other pieces of writing. Although it seems to be challenging for those who have never tried doing this, it can be much easier with relevant knowledge of the guidelines and specifications for this task. For sure, you cannot write a perfect interpretive essay if you have not read the analyzed text carefully. More than that, you need excellent skills of critical thinking and ability to deliver your opinions in an organized and clear manner. Your future studies and even work will benefit if you have developed this skill.

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Interpretive Essay: How to Define It Correctly

The first important thing to clarify before actual writing is what an interpretive essay actually is. It is a writing task with a specific focus on the ability of the writer to give interpretation and analysis on a particular subject or writing piece. It gives the answers to the following questions: What is the key event in the story? Who are the main characters? What is the story setting? Does the author use a specific tone in his or her narration? Thus, the essay pays attention to the key elements in storytelling. In brief, you review a literary work of another author and give your opinion of it in your paper.

This assignment type allows the students to express their specific opinions. It requires the students’ sincere interest in the chosen piece of writing and their in-depth knowledge of the procedure. Also, it is important to do thorough research and be able to take the right approach to interpretation, which is to be logical and concise.

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Steps to Follow: Interpretive Essay Outline

It will be much easier for you to write the required essay if you know which steps you have to take. For sure, the skeleton of the paper is to be the outline, which you have to prepare with due care and attention to details.

Reading the story, poem, or novel, which you have to analyze, is a must. Still, it is not enough to do that once. While reading, take a pencil or use some digital tools to highlight the setting, main events, description of the characters, symbols, and diverse literary elements. After you write down all the key elements, you will have a list of things for your analysis. The preparatory stage is over now. It is time to get down to the essay introduction.

Step 1: Select an exact topic

There are two possible options. Either your professor can help you choose the topic or he or she delegates this task to you. So, you have to take a literary piece for analysis and work on it. The best option is to take the one that matches your interests and is neither too broad nor too narrow. At the same time, a sophisticated piece may be not suitable for interpretation and a boring one will turn the process of writing into a torture for you. Focus on a particular idea and enjoy what you do.

Step 2: Write a perfect thesis statement

What makes a thesis statement perfect? It has to be argumentative to be strong and it has to interpret the topic in one clear sentence. A logical thesis will be developed in the following body paragraphs. For instance, your interpretive thesis is to explain the story and its implications if the assignment deals with a certain literary piece. You ought to take special care when it goes about writing a thesis, which is actually no longer than two sentences.

Step 3. Prepare an outline

What is an interpretive question? How can you write it perfectly well? First of all, you need a specific plan. It will not take you more than half an hour, but you will write the actual paper much faster with it. Having a good outline, you will see the order of your main statements and ideas for the interpretation.

Step 4: Write the essay introduction

The introductory section is to open with a brief summary of the analyzed text. Your analytical interpretive essay ought not to contain more than four sentences of the summary, but the readers need to get acquainted with what the story is actually about. A summary implies being unbiased and objective in retelling the plot, not analyzing it. It is a must for the writer to mention the title of the story, the name of its author, and the elements that will later on be the basis for interpretation. The last sentence or maximum two sentences present a thesis statement.

Step 5: Work on the essay body

This is the main part of your interpretive essay. Thus, it has to cover all the analysis details and make the readers ready for your conclusion.

Each of the body paragraphs has to give some pieces of evidence for the support of the thesis. The focus is different in every paragraph as different perspectives ought to get into your review. Not more than one topic aspect has to be given in a single body paragraph. More than that, all the ideas ought to have examples, evidence, and illustrations which confirm their validity and relevance.

Overall, each paragraph is to give the answers to the following questions:

“What is your opinion about…?”

“Do you share the idea that …?”

“Is it true that…?”

Step 6: Work on the final paragraph of the conclusion

You ought not to give any quotes in the final section of your essay. If you know the right answers to the question, ‘what is an interpretive essay?’ you have to summarize the key issues of your interpretation exactly here, in the last paragraph. Wrap up your opinion in the conclusion and highlight the most important ideas here.

Step 7: Proofread and submit

No writing without editing or proofreading! Your interpretive essay structure and content can be flawless, but defects in grammar or logic may spoil everything. Beware of the errors!

Tips on Writing Interpretive Essays

Getting as many useful tips as possible is a great way to make your interpretive essay a winning one. So, you have to:

  • Pick a truly unique topic which will be appealing to the target audience.
  • Create a roadmap to make sure that the structure of the essay is flawless.
  • Check on good examples, especially if you lack experience in writing. Reading manuals helps a lot, but seeing a bright example of a successful essay is much better. Save your time and learn!
  • Study the subject you need with great care.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you need to answer in your writing.
  • Give sufficient proof for the validity of your arguments. Explain your reasons. Do not forget to include the quotes and ideas from the story.
  • Use simple vocabulary instead of the words that are difficult to understand.
  • Get to know as much as possible about the content of the piece to analyze.
  • Check your paper for any phrases, words, or sections that may confuse the readers.
  • Write the introductory and concluding paragraphs after you have finalized writing the body.

 Read through the tips and try to apply them in your writing. We do believe that you can easily improve your skills of writing. Still, if you need not only our guidance, but our professional help with writing, you can contact our interpretive essay writing service and get the paper done.

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How to Structure an Interpretive Essay

There are some general rules for writing this type of essays, although they are not universal for all schools.

  1. Introduction – You interact with your readers throughout the text, but your thesis statement is the first element you have to take special care of. Make sure that your audience understands which key issue you are interpreting and what the issue background is. It is not easy to capture their attention; so, you need to sound engaging and try to be liked.
  2. Body – If you have checked on any illustrative interpretive essay example, you know that paragraphs of the body serve to distinguish between the ideas of your text. Present your arguments and give your discussion issue as long as they are relevant to the thesis. All parts of your writing have to be in line with the main idea. No section ought to go against the thesis statement, for sure.
  3. Conclusion – The essay is brought to the end with your closing remarks and summary of the key issues. Emphasize your implications and add the bibliography with all required sources included. It is a must to check your writing for plagiarism.

These tips seem to be clear and applicable to any piece of writing, but following them you can avoid a lot of troubles at school. Try to make your arguments strong and demonstrate your complete understanding of what you are writing about.

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