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Let us face it. Academic writing has never been easy. It always frightens students by the language intricacies, demanding instructions, and complicated specifications. Numerous assignments given to students may lead to stress and emotional burnout. When you are a student, spending a sleepless night trying to polish your written work is a usual thing for you. Now, you are probably tired of struggling with tight deadlines and challenging guidelines. On top of that, your professor has just assigned you an exploratory essay to evaluate your awareness of the topic, your ability to think analytically, as well as your writing skills.

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Desperate and frustrated, you are wondering: “What is an exploratory essay?” Well, if you do not have an answer to this question, you have several options. First, you may ask one of your friends for a piece of advice. Perhaps, he or she has an exploratory essay sample that will help you find out what your own paper has to look like. Also, you may look for some manuals that will help you understand the main conventions of exploratory essay writing. Finally, you can take advantage of cooperating with a professional writing service and purchase a well-written paper there. If you do not have enough time to spend on writing an exploratory essay or your writing potential leaves much to be desired, the third option is the best one. In case you are interested in cooperating with a professional writing team, we strongly recommend you choose our company. To ensure the highest quality of exploratory essay help, we have hired many talented, experienced, and skilled academic writers. They are capable of creating brilliant papers within the most limited timeframes. Let us become your writing companion and you will make a wise investment in your future!

What Is an Exploratory Essay?

As its title suggests, an exploratory essay is a piece of academic writing that aims to explore a certain issue or problem and suggest efficient solutions. Usually, this essay explains how you have approached the topic, as well as provides information about the research process. Whereas other types of essays take a certain stance on an issue or suggest appropriate supporting evidence, an exploratory essay explains how you have arrived at the topic and what research materials you have used. It is necessary to note that an exploratory essay does not provide any clear conclusion about the topic. Instead, it informs the target audience that there are several possible solutions. Finally, a good exploratory essay includes your own reflection on the topic, as well as on the writing process.

Ultimately, the main goal of an exploratory essay is to make an inquiry about the specific problem, investigate its context from different perspectives, and suggest possible solutions.

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Exploratory Essay Format

As already mentioned, an exploratory essay has to present the way the author investigates the subject. This means that it has to contain detailed information on why and how the particular topic is examined. Also, it has to inform the audience about what sources and methods were used for data gathering. In other words, such an essay is to perform an in-depth analysis of the discussed problem.

In accordance with the traditional exploratory essay format, this essay has to include three basic parts.

  • Intro

In the first section of your exploratory essay, you need to inform your readers about the problem you are going to discuss. In addition to the background information about the problem, you need to explain what results you expect to obtain. The opening paragraph has to provide basic facts about the problem and highlight its significance. Please note that you need to make a good impression on your audience. Thus, your disputed question has to look engaging and thought-provoking. Finally, you need to tell what sources you are going to use in your work.

Main Body

In the main body section, you need to provide your reader with more details on the topic you are exploring. To make your work look accurate, you need to provide the viewpoints of different researchers about the problem. It is necessary to inform your audience about what research data is relevant to the topic discussed. The main body part has to perform the following functions:

  • Provide as many details as possible about the references you have used. In particular, you need to include information about the source, publisher, date of publishing, etc. Also, you need to explain why did you refer to the source when writing your paper. When moving from one source to another, make sure to use smooth transitions;
  • Provide solid arguments related to the problem;
  • Explain how the obtained data can be used for solving the problem;
  • Present the important details of the subject matter to help your reader understand your viewpoint;
  • Express your personal opinion about the efficiency of the sources used. State whether the collected information changed your opinion about the issue.


This paragraph will restate the research question based on the presented facts. Your conclusion will give credit to the scholars, who have addressed the topic, as well as wrap up the discussion.

When working on an exploratory essay, you need to analyze the subject from different perspectives. You do not need to convince your readers about something or ask them to understand your viewpoint. When investigating your topic, you need to be maximally objective and unbiased.

Exploratory Essay Writing Tips

To make the writing process smooth and enjoyable, you need to look through some efficient tips collected by professional writers. By following our suggestions, you will be able to turn an ordinary essay into a brilliant one:

  • Try to explore as many perspectives on the topic as possible;
  • Note down all of your findings;
  • Carry out in-depth academic research;
  • Stick to the common exploratory essay outline;
  • Back up your claims with solid evidence;
  • Write from the third-person perspective;
  • Spend enough time on thorough proofreading.


Exploratory Essay Topics

To create a high-quality essay, you need to work with an interesting and relevant topic. Writing about trivial things can be boring and tiresome. As such, we recommend you pick up a subject that reflects your research interests. If you are unsure what ideas you can investigate in an exploratory essay, find some good exploratory essay topics below:

  1. How did the concept of friendship change over time?
  2. Can procrastination bring a positive outcome?
  3. What are the reasons for the increased crime rate?
  4. What are the main benefits and shortcomings of social media platforms?
  5. Is it necessary to eat meat?
  6. What is the impact of religion on human lives?
  7. What age is the best for getting married?
  8. Should women and men have the same rights?
  9. What are the key features of female communication?
  10. Why are some people addicted to sugar?
  11. What are the consequences of same-sex marriage on children?
  12. Will machines replace teachers in the nearest future?
  13. What is the importance of reading?
  14. Should children use mobile phones during their classes?
  15. What are the main benefits and shortcomings of drinking coffee?

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