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You want to get an academic degree and you do realize that you have a lot of writing ahead of you. For sure, writing an essay will be a common assignment for you. Have you already tried working on different types of such tasks? What about a discursive essay? Have you ever composed such an assignment? It is essential for your professor to get to know whether you can evaluate ideas, form creative thoughts, analyze information, or give your own conclusions. An essay is a great way to see if you can cope with all that.

Discursive texts are not easy to write. It is actually a great challenge to discuss in detail a particular catchy issue or situation. You do need a high grade, so common topics for essays do not work for that. You would like to be original in your choice and your approach to the chosen case. What you have to make sure is that your paper is flawless. You cannot afford to be careless or missing some inconsistencies in your writing. It is really complicated to do that, but that is what your professors expect.

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What is a Discursive Essay?

Have you got a clear understanding how to write a discursive essay? It is a form of paper based on the use of critical thinking. Its aim is to give a balanced argument and corresponding evidence on a chosen topic. For sure, the arguments have to be valid and sound for the essay to be written in a proper way.

In fact, there are certain similarities between a discursive essay and an argumentative / persuasive essay. Nevertheless, there are also differences which make it special as it gives a balanced discussion of certain arguments both for and against the viewpoint. It is complicated to work on papers of this kind and students frequently get confused. These tasks imply that students ought to do investigation of the chosen subject in an argumentative manner. Thus, you give a definition, as well as explain, and explore the issue from various angles to draw a conclusion. Its reason has to make it possible to persuade the readers.

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Discursive Essay Writing for College Students: Bright Examples You Can Use

The range of topics for this type of writing is amazingly wide. Analyze what is interesting for you and search for the topic that your professors could grade highly. The problem is that it may be complex to choose between many topics.

We would like to help you choose the right topic for your essay. So, let us share some tips which can make it easier for you to select the direction.

  • Evaluate your level of knowledge and choose the topic which you are well aware of.
  • Prefer a controversial topic as it is necessary to argue on different viewpoints and opinions.
  • Try not to choose a topic which has been discussed numerous times.
  • Choosing a discursive essay structure and topic, try to make it clear and interesting both for you and your readers.
  • Check whether there is sufficient evidence which can support your view.
We have prepared a list of good topics from our experts you may cover in a discursive essay format:
  1. Is there any threat to privacy from the military use of drones?
  2. Does interaction between the students and teaches on social media make sense?
  3. What is the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment?
  4. Are household chores a must for a child? What is the best age to start?
  5. Does success of a small-scale business depend on its presence on social media?
  6. Do innovations make people lazier?
  7. Is the salary teachers get adequate for their efforts?
  8. Which political decision of the present time has made the biggest difference?
  9. Watching a movie at home vs. watching it on a big screen: what is more enjoyable?
  10. Non-vegetarians vs. vegetarians: who is healthier?
  11. Globalization: advantages and disadvantages
  12. Should modern children study Shakespeare at school?
  13. Outsourcing to foreign countries: benefits and challenges
  14. Is it right to use internet filters in public places?
  15. Can people learn from the lessons of the past?
  16. Can history repeat itself? Give examples.
  17. Traditional medicine vs. alternative medicine: benefits for the people
  18. Should all people get adequate healthcare as a fundamental human right?
  19. Is it obligatory for adults to get eight hours of sleep?
  20. Traditional media vs. social media: relevance and impact

If you have got a task to do writing a discursive essay, you can study the list above and consider your personal interests. Then you can select the topic which will make your essay really appealing to the readers.

Try to narrow down a broad topic and ask us for help if it is complicated for you. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and help you with your essays.

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What Is the Smart Approach to the Task to Write a Discursive Essay?

Take into account all guidelines as for the discursive essay structure to help your readers gain a complete understanding of the presented viewpoints. Follow the steps below to write a really impressive paper.

  • Select a topic. Identify the topic which will let you share your viewpoints in the most convenient manner. A lot of students struggle with this task, so our writing service has prepared a list of some topics so that you could have a look before you make your own decision.
  • Having analyzed the topic from all perspectives, collect the arguments for further discussion.
  • Sketch an outline and organize your discursive essay. Make sure that you have included an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • Work on the first draft. Organize your ideas in a proper way, adding arguments from both sides. Try to demonstrate your skills to make the readers believe that you are a great writer.
  • Pay enough attention to a discursive essay introduction. Give some details about the topic and present the key questions for discussion. It is wrong to make this section too detailed. Still, without enough information, you will not be able to introduce your audience to the topic.
  • Proceed to the body paragraphs. Start discussion of every main argument in every new paragraph. Make sure that all the ideas are relevant and supported with pieces of evidence that confirm the thesis.
  • Make your conclusion effective. Give a summary of all your thoughts referred to in a discursive essay outline. Sound personal enough to give your own view on the chosen subject. Your arguments have to sound really fresh and convincing. Be sure to highlight how valuable and influential your paper is.
  • Do proofreading. You have probably written some of the sentences in a rush. You may be too excited about the process. So, a misprint or a typo here and there seems to be minor, but it spoils the impression. Read your discursive essays several times for a better effect.

All in all, writing a good discursive essay makes students face various challenges. A proper structure of the paper requires a lot of effort. Still, you are oriented towards success and perfect results. So, it would be helpful for you to make use of our pieces of advice we have given. Careful editing will also be a great solution. Our team is committed to helping you. We hope that our guidelines can improve your academic performance and upgrade your writing skills. In any case, if you feel that for some reason the task is not manageable, delegate it to one of our writers.

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