Interviews are for sure something challenging, tough, and stressful for anyone as you need to perform yourself the most valuable and eager way to the organization. This high-pressure situation might turn out to be a total disaster. That's why it is essential to master the art of "interviewing" and get better at over time. Undoubtedly, you just can't get ready and do it as a certain mantra as each interview will differ from the previous one and won't be the same as the next one. Being concentrated on the things you should say, we somehow tend to forget what we shouldn't do and say.

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Mind the Following Things, Before You Start Selling Yourself on the Next Interview

  • You better not ask about your salary

Do you really think that asking about how much you are going to be paid before you've got an offer, especially being a student, is a nice idea? Discussing your salary beforehand means only one - your motivation is entirely financial, and let's be honest when you are young and inexperienced money is the last thing you should bother about. Instead, do your best to show your ambitions, motivations, and eagerness for professional development, make the company want to put money into training you, and convince that you are worth their investment.

  • You better not say how nervous you are

Everyone is nervous and it's a common thing. Nevertheless, no matter how understanding and warm the interviewer might seem to be, do your best to not lose your nerve and get along with it. You should sound qualified and confident, remind yourself that you are selling yourself to the company. Make sure you look the most attractive way ever! Don't doubt your worth and abilities, even if your knees are shaking meanwhile stay strong and sound firm.

  • You better not ask for time off when you have an exam

When you ask such a question, you are consequently asking a permission to miss work before you even have got a job. No one says that it doesn't happen at all, no, no way, most student employers tend to be more than understanding for special circumstances. You'd better not start your relationship straight away with your possible absence.

  • You better not claim that you are a real team player

Believe it or not, this sentence means nothing at all despite the fact that firms and interviewers are looking for team players. It shouldn't be just an ordinary generic line everyone says, it must be something that will show that you are a team player, give an example of your “team playing” with a vivid description of the situation, not just words. If you are asked to elaborate on the story, make sure to keep it short, and concentrate on the parts where you showed yourself as a team player.

  • You better avoid small details that are irrelevant

When you are telling something the interviewer wants to know about, you shouldn't mention the small details and facts that are irrelevant. Get concentrated on the facts that will highlight your value, there is no need to mention the color of the random bus.

  • You better not look like you are trying to memorize a script

It depends on the field you are in, for some interviewers a pretty quick answer might be encouraging especially in a technical one. While to others, it might seem as you have rehearsed the interview and pre-prepared the answers when you are telling that you know the answer for that and asking to give you a moment to remember. There is nothing wrong and criminal with that, just take it easy and make sure you don't look like memorizing a script, let it go a bit.

Needless to say, how important is your arrival on time, there is nothing more disastrous as being late on the interview really. Plan to be on the interview earlier than you are needed; make yourself a favor, and don't start everything with the apologies for being late. What to say about your mood which needs to be quite relaxing the way it may be of course before the upcoming stress. Besides being honest, confident, and respectful as a candidate, try to keep in mind the suggested things to avoid in your next job interview and try to set aside your fear, doubts, and nerves. Do your best to be determined, motivated, concentrated, and settled ever!