If you are really bad at remembering the last thing after reading a textbook, this article is definitely worth reading! How often do you find recalling what you’ve just read in a textbook a real disaster? Much more than you’d like to? Don’t bother it’s not easy for most students. Textbooks tend to be the worst nightmare for almost every student. But there is no way out, students have to deal with them whether they like it or lump it. Let’s figure out how to understand and remember the information you need from your textbooks more effectively and at the same time easily (if it can be easy at all).

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Simple but useful steps to follow while dealing with your textbooks:

You Should Read Actively

How to Study and Take Notes from a TextbookIt means you should forget about a comfortable and cozy coach as a place where you are tackling your textbooks. Needless to say, reading next to a roaring fire is the most pleasant thing ever, but do you really think you’ll remember much from that “cozy reading” at all? I doubt that you likely start napping instead.

To read ACTIVELY suggests that your reading includes your mindfulness and total attention. You need to digest everything you are reading and that means that you are concentrated enough and attentive. To stay awake in order to be prepared to learn during reading is essential too.

You should be active — as soon as you start to feel sleepy get up and take a brisk walk, run, do push-ups. Do whatever works perfectly for you; your main goal is to keep your energy up.

You should have a pen in your hand — doing this you the same way send a signal to your brain and help your body to stay active while you are reading.

Have Post-it Notes — with their help you will be able to highlight passages and mark pages easily.

You Should Take Notes as You Read

The key point in reading actively is writing while reading. In this way, you are increasing memorization and data retention.

While taking notes, you have to be sure that you get the main point properly and you know exactly what you are putting down. Mind not to write the entire sentences, instead get concentrated on definitions, key concepts, outlines, etc.

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You Should Mark Key Sections

When there is something you’d like to write down for future reference and don’t want to write a full passage, just mark it as a key section. Highlighting the key points you are organizing your key information and make the whole learning process much simpler.

Mark Pages with Tabs

Post-it Brand offers a great variety of Post-it Study Tabs, Pagemakers, and Flags. It’s such a pleasure to take notes directly on them; they are definitely made for fun and joy! These Tabs are incredibly designed for inspiring students to read, take notes, and learn. Haven’t tried them yet? You must get them right now!

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You Should Have a Running List of Questions

It goes about a list of questions that you keep while you are reading. This list covers all questions that you have to answer. You may keep two lists, one for the answers for your professor and another one for answering the questions of your own. Full Adhesive Notes or Post-it Study Super Sticky Notes are great for keeping such lists. With the Post-it Study Note Tabs, you are able to mark a page and add notes and questions; I should admit they are just perfect for this!

You Should Create a Cheat Sheet

Besides your full set of study notes, it’s useful to make a cheat sheet of equations, key definitions, dates, etc. Such list will be of a great help for sure for last minute revision before the test, what to say about the way this cheat sheet improves your memorization!

You Should Make a To-Do List

While you are desperately trying to get focused on your studying process, it’s very easy to forget to-do items that randomly are jumping in your head. In order to remember them after you finish studying, you should write your thoughts straightaway whenever they come up. Jotting down your thoughts on Keep Post-it Study Super Sticky Notes, you are ensuring you won’t forget anything later and keep the focus on studying.

Follow the suggested steps above and turn your study time into productive, colorful, and effective one!