Most people look forward to the weekend. However, we often do not realize that Monday can be the beginning of a great work week.

Happy Monday

These Tips Can Help You Start Your Monday Effectively

Healthy Sleep

In order to enjoy your work on Monday truly, it is very important to have a good rest. Be sure to try to sleep enough, especially at weekends. To feel the rise on Monday, you need to sleep at least nine hours on Sunday. It can completely change your day. You will have a good rest and will be glad to start the working week.

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Make a Schedule

Many people have no idea what to do on Monday. Most of them start to figure out what they will have to do during the whole week only after their first working day begins. How can schedule motivate you to work on Monday? It will remind you that important work lies ahead, and it is time to wake up and start working.

On Monday mornings, try to avoid solving very problematic issues in order to enter into a working rhythm smoothly. On the other hand, the solution of difficult moments should not be postponed to the end of the week. Imagine that you are a marathon runner in the fun run. First, set the rhythm of movement, then pick up the speed and try to get satisfaction from the process of movement.

Clear Your Mind From Work on Weekends

If you do not have time to relax over the weekend, it is frustrating. Alas, you can often see people who look too tired on Monday. One of the reasons why you do not have time to recover from a busy workweek may be the fact that you are not completely disconnected from your tasks. Instead, you continue to read e-mail and do other things that are mostly associated with work. Taking time off for yourself is very useful, especially for those people who are constantly busy at work. Having disconnected from work, you will keep your motivation on Monday easier.

Balanced Diet

Proper nutrition will help you get a boost of energy needed for work. Include in your diet as much fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and dairy products as possible. It has been proven that such products can significantly improve the ability to think, make decisions, and improve your memory. A hearty breakfast will allow you not to be distracted by a snack every half an hour during the day. A morning meal definitely should give you strength and improve your mood.

Physical Activity

Even if you exercise regularly, probably Monday morning is a rest time for you. Working out in the morning is useful; it energizes you and speeds up your metabolism. Make training a priority, especially when you are too lazy to exercise.

Clean Your Table

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. You will not be able to work effectively in a cluttered workplace. It will distract you; you will constantly be looking for something. Find a few minutes to clean the table before you go home after work. Scientists from Princeton University claim that people who work at a clean desk have more free time and energy. Place on your desktop a few Monday pictures, which illustrate the beginning of a new week ironically. You can find them on the search query “happy Monday funny.”

Drink a Glass of Water with Lemon in the Morning

It is necessary to drink it on an empty stomach 15-30 minutes before breakfast (this time can be spent on exercises). You need to squeeze half of the citrus. That is enough to get the right amount of antioxidants and a daily dose of vitamin C.

Say “No”

Be aware of how many tasks you can do. Do not say, "I do not think that I will succeed" or "I am not sure." The exact answer “No” will save you from unnecessary troubles, and you will not let anyone down if you do not cope with new things.