New college students are often quite overwhelmed by their new responsibilities and crazy schedule. These types of changes often lead to the levels of stress rising. In turn, this can lead to you missing classes, forgetting about assignments, and performing worse than you expected. Luckily, all you need to do to avoid a situation like this is to become better at time management. Here are some stress tips for college students to get you started.

Learn to Prioritize

College Time ManagementTime is the most valuable limited resource in your life, so you probably do not want to waste it on something either unpleasant or unproductive. Many students ask me how to relieve stress, and I usually recommend exercising. What I hear in response is a bunch of excuses about not having enough time. The problem is that you are the only one deciding what to do with your time, so simply choose to workout instead of playing video games or watching Netflix. Do not make up silly excuses. It is the beginning of your adult life after all. Treat it as such!

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Learn to Say NO

If you do not want people around you to determine the course of your life, you need to learn how to refuse some offers. If you do not find out what your true passions are, even a number of amazing multitasking skills will not help you. After you decide what your priorities are, it is much easier to focus. Some people say that it sounds quite selfish, but college life is supposed to be about finding out who you are and improving yourself. If you are in a good place physically and psychologically, people will notice that.

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Learn to attend all your classes

Sometimes, skipping a class to get some much-needed sleep seems like an excellent idea. However, in the end, it just adds more stuff to your already busy schedule. You will have to copy your friends’ class notes, learn all the things discussed while you were not there, and try hard to catch up . All that while you are losing money. That is right! Unless you are on a scholarship, you have probably paid for your education. It means that when you skip classes, you waste money. And you do not want that!

Learn to Sleep

You might think that this is something you are quite proficient at, but sufficient sleep might be a bit more complicated than you think. In fact, college students who cram during the night often cannot think clearly, gain weight, and might even experience symptoms of depression. You might believe that napping can be a good alternative, but the truth is, napping requires more time and is less efficient than sleeping in your bed for eight hours.

In general, be kind to yourself. You can take regular breaks and do things that you enjoy. Just do not run away from deadlines. They will catch up.

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