Surviving as a Procrastinator: Hints and Secret Techniques

How to survive as a procrastinator

Well, haven’t you been there? 2AM, your research paper appears to be due in 7 hours, and all you have on the page is just your name and the date. Sounds familiar, huh? There is nothing more to trigger your brain function, the fourth cup of coffee fails to do the trick, and time is inexorably ticking away. If such incidents happen quite often, welcome to the club of professional procrastinators! Still, there is hope for us, so get these trusty tips and go fight that nasty procrastinating hazard!

  1. EasyBib. Here we have a dream of every English major, namely, a free bibliography generator. This tool is a gift, believe me: it provides you with the opportunity of scanning barcodes or entering website URLs, and the bibliography entries emerge immediately. Magic, that is all what I am saying.

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  1. Mathway. This instrument is for those who major in math. The website consumes your math problem and grants you with answers ready to go.
  2. iStudiez Pro. This absolutely unique app fits any iPad, Mac, or iPhone. It manages the organization of all the classes, grades, homework, and related due dates in a constructive and excellently structured schedule.
  3. StudyBlue. This website is great for the creation of personal digital flashcards aimed at easy studying process. If unwilling to make them, you can always employ categories available at Study Blue’s homepage.
  4. Timeful. This tool is the ultimate time manager. You need to enter in your course schedule, to-do list, and exam dates so that to get an organized visual schedule. It will even give you suggestions on the most appropriate time for every kind of activity. It is strikingly smart.
  5. SelfControl (fits for Mac OS X). This instrument is just so awesome! Its target is to lock you out of all the distracting social media and entertaining websites during the studying period. All you should do is to pick the sites you consider distracting, set a time limit, and start studying. Keep in mind that even shutting down and rebooting your PC will not let you get back to the locked links, so set your time limits wisely!
  6. Eat snacks! I really mean it! I will even enlist the ones that will boost your activity and trigger the brain function: dark chocolate, seeds, avocado, bananas, nuts, tomatoes, and green tea. Yummy and useful, enjoy.

I am glad to help, enjoy the recommendations and do not forget to post feedback.