Becoming an international college student is extremely challenging since you have to overcome a number of difficulties and acquire a number of new skills. Whether you are only planning to study abroad or you have already started this journey, find below five useful things you can learn from standardized tests.

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In case you study in a high school or college that follows both national and English curricula, you are expected to take exams for both national and international certificate of secondary education for the corresponding school program. Thus, if you take exams within the frames of different testing systems, you end up learning time management skills necessary for passing successfully any of them.

Things to learn from standardized testsUse a Range of Study Techniques

Since the topics you are expected to be tested at each exam might differ in their depth, studying for all of such exams in the same way would not be sufficient. It is useful to do multiple practice tests and make the analysis of the mistakes trying to make the most of them. Besides, it is a good idea to use different techniques and tools aimed at improving understanding. Thus, some exams might require working with mind maps and examiners’ comments on the performance of the students who have already taken the exam. For some exams it would be extremely useful to take notes of the lectures and use various internet resources.

Be Flexible

Each exam is characterized by a different format of questions. The types of questions may differ significantly. Some exams, IGCSE for instance, use open questions and graphs which require precision. Some may have booklets containing questions on theory that need long substantial answers, essays and booklets with multiple choice questions. There are exams, for example, SAT, that contain only multiple choice questions and, in some cases, essays. Knowing what type of questions an exam requires, you concentrate on that exactly type and thus are more likely to pass your exam with flying colors.

Be Hard-working

If you have to take several distinctly different exams within the shortest period of time, you have to be hard-working and determined to succeed. You have to devote a great amount of time and effort to pass successfully two or three exams in different countries.

Be Persistent

Be prepared for failures. Even if the exam results are not as good as you might have expected, consider each exam that follows as an opportunity to improve your performance. Each exam has a number of pitfalls and difficulties, and you are sure to make some mistakes. Be sure you learn from your mistakes turning this knowledge into the experience you need to move forward.

Be Patient

You have finally taken all exams and the only thing left for you to do is to wait patiently for the results. Thus, patience is what you need most at the stage of becoming an international student. Be prepared to wait for about three weeks (SAT), a month (IGCSE) and three months (WASSCE).

Be Grateful

Finally it is all over, and you are a happy student of a desired college. You have overcome difficulties and showed the best you. Be grateful to have succeeded in spite of all the hardships.

The experience of other international students might be similar to this, but each journey to success is different in a way. If you are determined and goal-oriented, and your goal is to become an international student, you are sure to overcome any obstacle and learn all the lessons that you might learn.