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Every applicant for a job in the field of law enforcement should take an effective approach when creating a resume. In this article, we are going to provide a short overview of the profession, three general types of resume, as well as sample knowledge and skills to be used in the application.

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There are different professions in law enforcement, including sergeants, lieutenants, captains, detectives, and other chief police officers. The jobs require candidates with physical and emotional strengths, as well as education levels from high school to college diploma. Additional eligibility requirements are the age of 21 and above, US citizenship, and the experience of attending a police academy and passing examinations successfully.

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Different Types of Sesumes in Law Enforcement

Perfect Resume for Police OfficerResume styles in law enforcement are the same as in other professions. The information provided in the resume is organized in a similar way as it is presented in other service sectors.

We can distinguish three types of resume that are used nowadays. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Thus, it is important to learn the peculiarities of each resume format and choose the one that will make your application stand out from the rest. 

Chronological Resume

Currently, it is the most popular resume format. It requires putting the main emphasis on the places of employment and job titles rather than skills and knowledge. This type of resume will be perfect for the applicants who consider their former workplaces to be their main advantage.

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Functional Resume

This type of resume is perfect for police cadets who have just graduated from the training academies and are looking for their first jobs. A functional resume emphasizes a police officer’s experience and skills rather than job titles. In addition, this resume format does not require a work history section.

Combination Resume

The following resume format comprises the features of functional and chronological types of resume. It is also regarded as the best format to use when looking for a job because it allows a recruiter to analyze both the experience and the work history of a possible candidate. While completing such a resume, first indicate your skills and then work history in reverse order.

Knowledge and Skills

When you prepare a resume to get a job in law enforcement, it is essential to present your experiences, knowledge and skills in the best light possible. Examples of accomplishments can comprise:

  1. Taking part in investigating criminal cases, supervising or providing guidance;
  2. Experience of working with techniques of chain custody;
  3. Safeguarding or preparing departmental records;
  4. Providing expert testimony;
  5. Evaluating consequences of new regulations;
  6. Assisting court officials;
  7. Training staff.

These resume writing tips will help you to create an outstanding resume for a police officer. Good luck!