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Looking For A Space In Your Dorm

You must have used to a spacious room with a bunch of free space for your private things, closes, learning materials, and other stuff. However, after moving to a college, you could be shocked with your new room that is possibly three times smaller than your personal one. Moreover, you still have to fit all your belongings as well as a new roommate. Seems difficult for the first time, but it is possible indeed if to stick to a few easy helpful tips.

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Mistakes to be Avoided while Moving into Dormitory

Change Of Plans

When you come to a new room, the first thing you see is old furniture. Without any secret intention, you start unpacking your goods and fill the wardrobes and closets with them. That is a painful mistake. You do want to feel at home, so try to arrange the furniture according to your wishes. Your roommate is always there to help you, so together you are able to create a completely new place out of nothing. If you have your own movables, you can substitute the ones that are the oldest and are not appealing at all.

Moving Up

Looking for a space in dorm roomOf course, the wider room you have, the better it is. However, it will be a miss if you fail to use your walls. Shelves are a great place for storing as well as keeping your walls not empty. Be attentive to the weight though – you do not want a pile of books landing on your face unexpectedly at night. Regarding the design, it is only up to you – the ideas are infinite and most of them are on budget. That is why not only is it efficient to store things on walls, but will look really stylish indeed.

Moving Down

Apart from the space on shelves, there is a possibility to store things under your bed. There will definitely be a few crates or baskets with random temporarily unnecessary things to stay in your room. In order to create even more space beneath your bed, you can buy special pieces to raise your sleeping place. In such a way, you will be able to store even more things under it.

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Cleaning A Mess

You are a student. You are always out of time. You have no free minute for even a lunch, so there is no point in talking about diving into your filthy closet. However, it is important to understand that your time management directly depends on how fast you are going to find the necessary things. Sort your shoes by season and hide the ones that you are not wearing. Do the same with your outfit and hats to be able to open the wardrobe, find the thing you need, and happily finish your dressing.

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No Large Things

Even if you are going to miss your favorite coach, you should better leave it with your parents. Your room is too small to store all your wishes, so it is high time to say no to things that are larger than your bag. Learn to leave without them.