June 12, 2018

You are constantly told how great meditation is, but despite all those paeans of praise, you still have some doubts that daily meditation will work for you. Aren’t sure that you are able to meditate or just feel like the notion of “quiet mind” has nothing in common with you? Read on because I do have something to tell you. You have no idea how deeply amazing daily meditation could be, even if you are firmly convinced this sort of thing is for anyone but not for you.

Surprisingly, I have revealed to me the world of the endless benefits, the ones that do influence my everyday life enormously and in the most unexpected ways ever. If someone had ever told me that I would begin daily meditation and get so much pleasure of it, I would have never believed. I’ve always been very skeptical of mediation and practices like that, believe me. But once I’ve accidentally tried meditation, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the benefits I receive from my daily mediation. Now I just can’t imagine my life without it.

How to meditate

No matter how nervous, bad, or exhausting your day might be, at the end of the day nothing bad really matters, because with meditation you are in charge of your emotions and you can get your mind to be quiet. By the way, have you ever noticed how messy our mind tends to be? How many thoughts are running through your head in a continuous manner every single moment? Our mind is like the biggest and busiest airport in the world for the planes, which are called our thoughts. In order to work properly your “airport” needs sometimes, let’s called it, recharging time. For me, personally, the best way to calm my mind and get “recharging time” for the next flights is – mediation. If you’ve never even tried mediation, it’s high time you began, believe me! By the way, why should you regret something you’ve never done? You might say there are no solid reasons for your personal acquaintance with meditation as you aren’t depressed, stressed-out, or something else. But who says it should be something negative for the reason to start doing mediation?

How to Start Meditation

I do ask you not to strive for the perfect “lotus pose” and the stillest sitting position ever, take it easy, you are a newcomer here. Everything starts with the little things, take baby steps. To tell the truth, my first minutes of meditation weren’t the perfect ones, but somehow I managed to relax and concentrate on my breath. I had some problems with the constantly chattering “monkey mind” but I did my best to get rid of them. The point is every time a thought comes; let it go. The biggest challenge is to not get distracted by your own thoughts. Do it as nothing matters now, only your breathing. Imagine that the whole world stops its existence and at this very moment there is only you and your breath, the air coming in and out. It won’t be easy to explain how incredibly great this breathing technique benefits your body and mind.

Keep in mind your posture, your back has to be straight, it’s totally okay to move a bit your legs if you feel they are uncomfortable and start aching. You should be comfortable and nothing in the world should distract you from your meditation. Of course, pure stillness is something worth to experience but not now. Remember you are only a beginner. The same concerns the amount of time for meditation; start with a few minutes, or even with one minute. Believe me, it doesn’t go about the time here, it goes about your start, and it’s totally okay to begin only with one minute if you feel you won’t manage more. But you will! I began with 3 minutes and then I just increased my “recharging time” gradually. And you know what, it’s incredible how unnoticed these 15-20 minutes tend to pass. I’m not a guru of mediation, not yet. But I strongly feel that’s not my limit, I definitely keep mediating because it does change my life in the most positive and calming ways ever!

Something has changed for sure with those 3minutes of meditation a few months ago. My inner world has surprisingly enriched and my eyes see the new unknown colors, the ones I’ve never been able to see before.

Are you still sitting over there doubting the worth of mediation? What if it’s only your doubts and fear of the unknown which are by the way often misleading? Should you try will you ask? YOU MUST!

June 12, 2018