As a fresher, you might feel embarrassed because of being thrown into a completely unknown college surrounding with new students and professors and yet unfamiliar rules of “survival”. Obviously, it will take some time to get accustomed to the conditions, lifestyle, and behavior that are appropriate to the particular study environment and learn some behavioral pattern in order not to stand out of the crowd. Here are some tips on how to get through this period of adaptation and keep abreast of things including college lecture etiquette.

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The usage of laptops and other devices

While laptops are allowed to be used during the lectures with the aim of faster note-taking, you can’t abuse of excessive unpurposed usage of your laptop for googling, surfing the Internet, chatting and etc. Moreover, the usage of other devices like phones, iPods, mp3 players and etc. is considered as a great disrespect towards a lecturer and other more diligent students, who came to get the knowledge. For this reason, make sure all your devices are put on silent during a lecture and won’t distract both you and others from the studying process.


A lecture room is not a cafeteria

Another college lecture etiquette rule that is often broken by students is eating during a lecture. It is unacceptable to bring snacks or any food to your class and consume it in front of your professor and hundreds of other students. It isn’t only visually off-putting but rude and impolite! There are cafeterias and canteens intended for eating! Lecture halls are aimed at learning! Concerning beverages, you are allowed to have a bottle of water or any other drink (excluding alcohol) with you. Though keep an eye on where you leave that bottle and whether it doesn’t bother a person sitting next to you.

Questions time

As a lecture goes on, there might be some moments you don’t understand and would like to specify with your professor. However, don’t ask questions without permission. If each student interrupts a lecturer every time he or she doesn’t understand something, a lecture will turn into a mess. After all, it isn’t a seminar or individual class, so respect the rest of the present students and leave your questions for the right time or office hours.

What about attendance?

First of all, let’s dispel the myth concerning the attendance requirements. Though the attendance of certain lectures may be optional it doesn’t mean it is unnecessary! Skipping lectures shows your neglectful attitude, hence, automatically depicts you as an irresponsible student. And one more thing! If a class starts at 9:00, it means you have to be on time, if not a few minutes earlier as being late is a sign of poor time management skills.

The rule of dummy up closes our list of college lecture etiquette patterns. Use your communicative skills during seminars or in cases your professor gives permission and not during lectures where you’re supposed to listen.

On the one hand, rules of college lecture behavior are simple and are based on the principle of treat people the same way you want to be treated. On the other hand, they require tactfulness and reticence. Make sure your habits, manners, and behavior don’t disturb your professor from giving a lecture and other students from comprehending important information. Be respectful!